Management structure

- The Local Steering Committee watches over the observance of democratic procedures and ensures the transparency of the process. The representatives of local authorities, NGO-s, the Inspectorate for Environmental Protection, the Regional Development Agency and the mass media have representatives in the Committee.

- The Local Office of the LA21 ensures permanent links between the NCSD and the Local Steering Committee, the civil society, medias, etc., and oversees the development of the LA21 process in accordance with the agreed programme.

- The Working Groups (Social, Economic and Environmental) comprise local experts who prepare the draft local strategy and action plan. In addition, depending on the needs of every county/town/commune, working groups on town planning, culture, tourism, etc. can also be established.

The Local Plan for Socio-Economic Sustainable Development:

This is the main tool for planning the transition of local socio-economic systems to a new model of sustainable development. It consists of a set of documents including:

The Local Sustainable Development Strategy contains an analysis of the actual state of affairs in the county/town/commune seen from the angle of the three fundamental domains of sustainable development: society, economy, and environment. This analysis highlights both positive and negative aspects, and provides the basis for defining the medium and long-term objectives.

The Local Action Plan is focused on the implementation in the short to medium term of the objectives and projections by setting the priorities and the steps to be followed; it contains a financial evaluation, the identification of funding resources and the ways to access them.

The Portfolio of priority projects includes the major projects that the community agreed to deem as essential for its sustainable development.
The preparation of those documents is done in two stages: the drafting phase (involving extensive public consultations) and the final phase (when the suggestions and comments from the local community are incorporated in the final version).The documents become official only after the public authority approves it in council meeting.

Download: Local Plan for Sustainable Development – Table of contents (pdf)

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