"Measures to increase the efficiency of conservative and participatory management in the Macin Mountains area" – Project code 7017 SMIS-CSNR, according to the official order no. 1459/02.11.2009

The project is financed by the European Union through the Sectoral Operational Programme Environment; Priority Axis 4: "Implementation of Adequate Management Systems for Nature Protection"; Main Intervention Area: "Development of Infrastructure and Management  Plans for the Protection of Biodiversity and Natura 2000 Network" and implemented by the Foundation National Centre for Sustainable Development, Bucharest, Romania.

The project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.
The duration of the project is 18 months, to be implemented between 6 January 2010 and 6 July 2011.

The total value of the project is RON 2,840,726.93, in conformity with the Order of the  Minister of Environment no.1459/02.11.2009, of which

• RON 2,407,112.70 (grant finance from the European Fund for Regional Development and the Romanian state budget)
• RON 433,614.23 (recipient’s contribution).
The main objective of the project: conservation of biodiversity through sustainable use of the natural capital in the Macin Mountains area.

Specific objectives of the project:

• Elaboration of the required strategic and scientific documents for the effective implementation of a participatory management plan;
• Enhancing the information and awareness of the local population and potential visitors about the value of natural assets and the importance of conservation.

Project location:

• National Park "Muntii Macinului" as designated by Law no. 5/2000 concerning the approval of the Spatial Planning of National Teritory, Section III – protected areas, including also two scientific reserves: 1. Scientific reservation ,,Moroianu"; 2. Scientific reservation ,,Valea Fagilor";
• ROSPA0073 Macin-Niculitel as designated by Government Decision no. 1284/2007 on the establishment of special protection areas for wildlife and birds as an integral part of the European network Natura 2000 in Romania;
• ROSCI0123 Muntii Macinului as designated by the Order of the Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development no. 1964/2007 on the establishment of the sites of community importance as integral parts of the European ecological network Natura 2000 in Romania.

Target groups:

• Administration of the National Park Muntii Macinului;
• Local public administrations;
• Local communities;
• The business sector;
• Tourists and visitors.

Principal activities envisaged within the project:

• To produce a strategy and an action plan for the conservation of biodiversity and sustainable utilization of its components in the Macin Mountains;
• To evaluate the support capacity of the ecosystems in the Macin Mountains area;
• To produce information and awareness materials for the visitors on the importance of biodiversity conservation in the Macin Mountains area;

Specific outputs:

• More efficient conservation management in the Macin Mountains;
• Increased awareness of the local population about the importance of biodiversity conservation and its impact on the sustainable development of the area;
• Enhanced public awareness about the importance of biodiversity conservation in the Macin Mountains.

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Strategy and action plan for the conservation of biodiversity and the sustainable utilization of its components in the Macin Mountains (Ro)

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