The goal of the Local Agenda 21 Fourth Phase was to further strengthen the institutional capacity and raise the awareness of the authorities and the public regarding the implementation of the principles of sustainable development in the local and county development strategies and action plans in 3 cities and 1 county: Constanta, Medgidia, Gura Humorului, and Brasov County.

For the purpose of developing the institutional capacity of the selected local authorities, LA21 offices were established in each location. The participative mechanisms at the local level was accomplished by informing the local civil society about the project and organizing public debates that made it possible to finalize the three essential documents for the implementation of the LA21: the local strategy for sustainable development, the local action plan, and the portfolio of priority projects.

A new element in this phase was the support rendered by UNDP and NCSD to the local authorities for the preparation of the relevant documents for the concession of the water supply/waste water treatment system in the city of Medgidia.

All in all, the fourth phase of the LA21 project confirmed the need to further implement the LA21 process in Romania, based on the good practice gathered until then in the elaboration of the local agendas and on the positive results of the projects carried out under this umbrella.