Continuing the established procedures for the introduction of the principles of sustainable development in the work of local municipalities, the LA21 project was further expanded to 4 cities, 3 counties, the 2nd District of Bucharest and 2 communes in Romania.

The areas for the implementation of the Fifth Phase were selected on the basis of several criteria such as a proper regional balance, the participation of territorial entities having low development indicators, especially in the North-East, South and South-East parts of Romania, namely the counties of Alba, Neamt and Tulcea, and the cities of Alba Iulia, Tulcea, Ovidiu and Babadag.

One important new element in this last phase of the LA21 project was the involvement in rural area, in the communes of Falciu (Vaslui county) and Mihail Kogalniceanu (Constanta county). The range of the project activities was also expanded to include cooperation with the administration of the 2nd District of Bucharest. Following the usual implementation procedures, the three essential documents for implementing the LA21 were finalized in all the above locations: the Local Strategy for Sustainable Development, the Local Action Plan and the Portfolio of priority projects.

After Romania’s accession to the EU, the projects developed under LA21 became eligible for financing from the Structural Funds. The LA21 process was also able to attract more funds from the Ministry of Development, Public Works and Housing.