Integrated Environmental Assessment (IEA): Capacity Building

March 2004 – March 2005, Borsec

Within the framework of the Local Agenda 21 project, this new activity emerged from the partnership of the National Centre for Sustainable Development (NCSD) and the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) for the purpose of enhancing environmental protection through the introduction of the Integrated Environmental Assessment (IEA) practice in Romania.

The objectives of the project were to introduce and increase the use of Integrated Environmental Assessment in Romania by:
- Building NCSD’s IEA internal capacity to provide expert advice and evaluate the environmental impact and sustainability of government and NGO programmes, as well as private sector projects;
- Building NCSD’s capacity to provide IEA training to NGOs and businesses in two locations in, namely Borsec and Mures County.
- Conducting an IEA for 4 local private companies as hands-on experience for NCSD, the participating companies and the NGOs involved in the public consultations related to those specific IEAs.

The project consisted of 2 stages:

Stage One involved the training of the NCSD staff on IEA procedures resulting in:
- A strong knowledge base about the IEA process and its relevance to sustainable development;
- Increased ability to provide assessment frameworks, qualitative and quantitative methodology;
- A conceptual framework for further training sessions to be provided to local stakeholders in Mures county and Borsec.

Stage Two of the project included the IEA training provided by NCSD to 19 local NGOs and institutional partners.
Furthermore, based upon the partnership created with ROMAQUA GRUP S.A (Mineral water Company), IEA training was provided in Borsec. Initially, three training sessions were held for approximately 10 private companies from Borsec and Mures County. The core content was to provide information about the IEA process and to learn how the private sector can get involved in this activity. The sessions were planned to focus on reducing negative environmental impacts through the implementation of environment-friendly measures.

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