Local Agenda 21 and the Local Plan for Sustainable Development:

The development of LA 21 Local Plans as strategic programming instruments is crucial for the lasting establishment of the principles of sustainability in all current and future activities by

- Implementing a new style of public management based on an ecosystemic approach;

- Helping to create a flexible, adaptable and effective institutional framework that guarantees the involvement of entire communities or social agents in the decision-making process, fair access to the benefits of development activities, the sound management of possible conflicts, and the search for adequate solutions;

- Facilitating the access of local public authorities to the EU Structural Funds in order to finance community development projects;

- Providing a proper framework for financing local infrastructure projects;

- Implementing at a local level the principles and objectives of the European Union Sustainable Development Strategy (revised in 2006) and the National Sustainable Development Strategy of Romania (revised in 2008);

- Promoting decentralization and subsidiarity;

- Establishing the operational structures to monitor and evaluate the implementation of the Local Plans for Sustainable Development using standard indicators.

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